Espresso is the news reader you were waiting for.
A different Feedly client
Espresso synchronizes your news with the awesome Google Reader successor. Read your news on your iPhone and they will be automatically synchronized with Feedly cloud.
The ultimate expression of minimalism
See all your subscriptions and categories on an extremely easy way.
Take a quick look to your news and start reading on the most interesting one.
Browse between your news and share them via message, email or social networks.
Espresso has a unique feature that you won't found on others readers: the blacklist. With this list you can filter non interesting news. Espresso will read them automatically by you.
But the best of Espresso is...
Espresso Reader is free! It's less than a coffee and it will be with you forever!
Who is behind?
Espresso Reader has been developed by Francisco Javier Saorín.
You can follow him on twitter.
Please don't hesitate to contact if you want to report any problem or to do a suggestion.